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With more than 40 years of experience in the packaging field, TASDEER HOLDING offers a wide umbrella of Packaging Solutions to meet your requirements and satisfy your customers' needs.

Following the international standards in terms of health, quality, safety and environment, we are qualified and approved supplier to a large number of Multinational companies with exquisite brands in different fields.

Flexible Packaging
With more than 40 years of international experience in the packaging field, we regularly invest in cutting-edge machinery and quality control equipment to always provide our customers with premium quality material.
Besides, we provide technical support to prevent any issue that may occur during the packaging phases at our customers' factories.

Paper Bags
We provide our customers with a large variety of products. We are confident that you will be able to find everything you need on our list of products: generic or personalized paper bags with handle (flat or twisted) or without handle of different sizes and technical specifications (printed or unprinted). Browse through our full selection of paper bags to find your desired items. More...
Hygiene Tissue Products
Because we understand the importance of tissues in our life, we worked on finding the purest of tissues manufactured from 100 % pure cellulose paper, providing efficient hygiene benefits and maximum comfort.
WHITE TissuesTM provides innovative and unique packaging designs that suit all environments including your house, office and car.

Food Packaging
Because we are aware of the key role of Packaging in Food industry nowadays, we are constantly developing new solutions to enhance the quality and safety of food. We provide a broad portfolio of innovative, high quality and high-performance products to meet our customers' needs and challenges. More...
Paper Cups
Promote your brand with our range of high-quality custom printed paper cups designed for all types of food and beverage applications. With our full range of sizes processed on smooth satin paper, you can distinguish your brand and enhance consumers experience and satisfaction. More...

Carton Boxes
Our quality corrugated Cardboard are tailored to suit your individual requirements in terms of size, quality and quantity. We manufacture Cardboard of different thickness and layers (from 3 up to 5 layers). Our flexographic printing machines can print your preferred designs and logos to personalize your carton boxes (up to 5 colours). More...
Plastic Films
We manufacture a wide range of multilayer plastic structures using advanced and computerized equipment of high technical performance to enhance the quality of our products as well as our customers satisfaction. We also produce Food Grade plastic films, suitable for food wrapping. More...

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